… is about to turn ten. I think this should be marked with a celebration of some sort. For a refresher on the Manifesto, click where it says Manifesto. I just figured that out. David and I are going to win at Internet. Yes, I still spell it with a capital ‘I’. BUT David writes ‘site for website. Because it’s a contraction. I guess that’s why anyway. I would ‘txt’ to ask him, but my ‘phone was run over by a ‘bus.

Also, I want to alert y’all to ViennaVerona, on at BATS Theatre next week. A double bill of Measure for Measure (Bacchanals did it already!) at 7pm and Romeo and Juliet (Bacchanals did it already!) at 9pm. It runs from 5-15 August, and I wouldn’t be telling you if it didn’t feature the talents of Allan Henry and Ralph Upton, and me in a friar frock. I’m Jonny. They wouldn’t let me have that username. Also, there’s an opening party for VV at the Welsh Dragon (will Welshie be there? Who knows) on Friday night. There will be drinking and dancing and rock and/or roll and dice games and mixed flatting and everything.

It occurs to me that H6 is the third play I have been in with Allan this year and the only time we’ve ever actually acted in a scene together was when he played that English guy bringing Exeter the map to look over from the bridge in H5. Oh well.

Up and atom, Bacchanals!