That’s right – dates, time and a venue for 1 Henry VI!

But first, here’s a picture of Jess, as a Dark Lord of the Sith (see, Laura? pictures are really easy to insert.  When you’re on the Add New Post page, there’s a box next to Upload/Insert which will say ‘Add an image’ if the mouse hovers over it. Click on that and you’re away!).

1H6 teaser 1

So yes, those dates I’ve been meaning to mention … 1 Henry VI will be performed in the Victoria University Student Union Hall on MONDAY 12 OCTOBER, TUESDAY 13 OCTOBER and WEDNESDAY 14 OCTOBER at 7pm!  Or maybe 7.30pm, given that Blair will have to run from his THEA204 workshop on the Monday night and he’s now playing both the Bastard of Orleans and Suffolk.  (And the Master Gunner.)

Tomorrow: A Similar Photo, But Of Allan As A Jedi.  I’d have posted it today as well, but I thought I’d try to create a reason to keep customers coming back.  Don’t sue us, George!