The VUWSA Victoria University Shakespeare Club
in association with The Bacchanals present

Henry the Sixth, Part One

Every saga has a beginning. Every journey has a first step.
Every great trilogy has a weird prequel.

7pm Monday 12–Wednesday 14 October 2009
Union Hall, Student Union Building
Mount Street, Victoria University of Wellington
Tickets: $10
Book at

The epic battle between good and evil begins again only this time without the racist aliens and camp robots. You thought they were beaten at Agincourt, but now the French empire looks ready to strike back! Ever wondered what would happen if Joan or Arc was given Sith powers and waged war against The valiant Johh Talbot, England’s greatest Jedi? Come along and find out…

This is the first installment of the action-packed trilogy The Wars of the Roses, set to be staged over the next two years, the prequel to Henry VI: Parts Two and Three and Richard III… coming soon!

Multi-award-winning winning company The Bacchanals have joined with the newly formed Victoria University of Wellington Shakespeare Club to produce this exciting production as part of NZ’s Compleate Workes year. The large cast includes Bacchanals stalwarts, Alex Greig and Salesi Le’ota, internationally trained fight-choreographer, Allan Henry and is directed by David Lawrence.

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