That’s right, there are only five shows left – hury hurry hurry!!

Thanks to everyone who managed to get along to Slouching Toward Bethlehem last week – we had a FANTASTIC time getting the show up and running and the response so far has been great.  We’re updating the ‘blog – for the FOURTH TIME THIS YEAR (eek!) – to alert you to the fact that there are only five more performances left of this brilliant play before you’ll never get the chance to see it (or at least our production of it) again!

Theatreview says “Don’t miss it!”  !!

The Dominion Post says “At last! A play that isn’t confined to how we relate to our friends, enemies, family and lovers.”  !!

Rosemary McLeod asks in last Thursday’s Dominion Post how we can in all conscience call Muldoon NZ’s most evil prime minister!!

Someone in today’s Dominion Post asks how Rosemary McLeod can in all conscience say we’re wrong?  !!

All of these questions and more will be answered when you book to see our production of Dean Parker’s Slouching Toward Bethlehem right this minute by calling (04) 802-4175 or e-mailing  We’re on at BATS Theatre, 1 Kent Terrace, Wellington at SIX O’CLOCK SHARP Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday and finally Saturday!  Come see the show and stay and have a drink with us afterwards.

It ain’t just a play about men wearing suits.  Here’s a photo to prove it:

Next time: So you missed Slouching Toward Bethlehem?  Never fear, Julius Caesar with the same set, actors, costumes etc. is on the way!!!