UPDATED on Tuesday 8 November to include new dates and venues!

That’s right! After the full-on set/costume/prop extravaganza that was No Taste Forever! in January, and the Poor Theatre-agit prop piece of NZ history that was Slouching Toward Bethlehem in September, it’s time for the third and final Bacchanals show of 2011, our eleventh birthday year! So no frills-Poor Theatre that it makes Slouching Toward Bethlehem look like a central city piece of prime real estate getting a $90,000 taxpayer bail-out, The Tragedy of Julius Caesar will hit spaces in and around Wellington THIS NOVEMBER with all the excitement and momentum of a thing you didn’t realise was suddenly happening turning up down the road from your house!

It’s election time in NZ in case you weren’t aware, and we thought it’d be nice to remind the country’s public that really, nothing much has changed in 2000 years. Julius Caesar is Shakespeare’s classic tale of how a homeless man living in the central city predicts that a politician will be stabbed in the back by his closest friends, right after an important victory at an international sporting event and a massive earthquake! Timely and precognizant? Don’t be silly – the fault is not in our stars but in ourselves that we are underlings, destined to repeat the same patterns throughout the history of humanity!

Rather than announce all the dates and venues when everything’s confirmed, we thought we’d better get on with it and tell you stuff now since the first show is not far away (we’ll update this as we go) but for now mark these dates, times and places:

On SATURDAY 12 NOVEMBER we’ll be at St Peter’s Hall, Paekakariki at 7pm!

On MONDAY 14 NOVEMBER we’ll be at the Makara Community Hall at 7pm!

On WEDNESDAY 16 NOVEMBER we’ll be at St Jude’s, Lyall Bay (behind the church on Freyberg Street) at 7pm!

On FRIDAY 18 NOVEMBER we’ll be rocking hard at the good ol’ Tararua Tramping Clubrooms, Mount Victoria (on Moncrieff Street, just up from the Courtenay Place bottlestore) at 7pm!

On SATURDAY 19 NOVEMBER (Fiona McNamara’s birthday!) we’ll be at the Island Bay Community Centre at 7pm!

On MONDAY 21 NOVEMBER we’ll be at the Newtown Community Centre at 7pm!

On TUESDAY 22 NOVEMBER you can find us at the Hataitai Bowling Club at 7pm!

Expect announcements soon about performances in Brooklyn, maybe Petone, and anywhere else we can think of! (and hey, want us to do a show in your living room? Send us an e-mail and we’ll do it!)  There was even talk in tonight’s rehearsal (that’s right, the show has had some rehearsals! not many! but some!) of a few guerilla-outings – maybe on the steps of Parliament on election day! (yeah, we’ll get arrested, but so ….?)

All performances are FREE/KOHA – don’t think of this as some arduous sitting down enduring a play crap; think of it as an evening in your living room in which some folk perform a wee play for you while you drink a beer/sip a tea/smoke a cigar. Put some money in a hat at the end so we can pay for the venue and give everyone change for the bus home. Let’s put an end to this ‘entitled artists’ bullshit and rip-and-run instead. Julius Caesar’ll be some folk in a room sharing a story. And if you want to wear your jandals or bring your dog, you rock that shit out and we be down with it.

Tell your friends! It’ll be great. Julius Caesar, with Alex Greig as Brutus, Jonny Potts as Antony, Phil Grieve as Caesar, Salesi Le’ota as Casca, Brianne Kerr as Calphurnia, Elle Wootton as Portia, Jean Sergent as Metellus, Kirsty Bruce as Decius, Andrew Goddard as Octavius, Dasha Fedchuk as Lucius, William O’Neil as Cinna, Benjamin Haddock as Trebonius and Walter Plinge as Cassius. Turn up before 7pm and maybe bring a cushion with you, and we’ll take you to Rome and back in two and a half hours with a cuppa in the middle. See you there!