The unstoppable juggernaut of relentlessness that is the Julius Caesar tour of 2011 had its second show this evening!

All is well!  Caesar died as expected (although just after the kids who had to be in bed by 8pm had gone home), Rome fell into civil war but was then re-united by the powers of the Triumvirate and David remembered whilst dead the amazing piece of direction he’d forgotten to give before the show that would make the last three scenes SO much clearer.  Next time! (it’s about the traffic of hats between characters)  Thanks to all the folk in Makara who turned out tonight – we had a great time with you guys!

The theme of tonight’s post was going to be ‘The Women Of The Bacchanals’ (or The Bacchae if you wanna get classical!) in honour of Facebook allegations that some of the women in the show are quite hot (it’s a lie – they ALL are).  We even prepped a series of arty photos which would accompany a blog-essay on the many ways in which Brianne, Dasha, Elle, Kirsty and Jean are the most smart, intelligent, funny, beautiful, kickarse women you could possibly have in a production of Julius Caesar.  But it’s 2am and we can’t be arsed uploading all the photos tonight.  (Later in the week when I can sponge off free wireless on campus!!)

Instead, here’s a photo of our favourite letterbox in Makara:

In other news today it was confirmed that we will indeed be performing in The Pit at BATS on Monday 28 November – it’ll be pretty insanely cramped but we’re really looking forward to it!  Otherwise, we’ll see you all at St Jude’s on Freyberg Street, Lyall Bay, this Wednesday the 16th at 7pm!!

Next time: more photos! more venues! as Julius Caesar continues!