That’s right, it’s time for an update on upcoming venues and performances!

On Wednesday 16 November (happy birthday Mark!) we’ll be at St Jude’s, Freyberg Street, Lyall Bay at 7pm!

On Friday 18 November we’re looking forward to a crazy rocking night in the mighty Tararua Tramping Clubrooms, on Moncrieff Street, Mount Victoria at 7pm – our first time there since rehearsals for King Lear in 2007.  It’s a great space – wonderful and central – and if you’re lucky, we’ll be drinking at The Pit just down the road by 10pm!

On Saturday 19 November we’ll celebrate the birthday of the beautiful brilliant Fiona McNamara by giving the show of our lives in the cosy confines of the Island Bay Community Centre at 7pm!

On Monday 21 November we’ll be at the Newtown Community Centre at 7pm.  A long long heritage with this space – David directed an amateur production of The Tempest there in 1995, performed his first Shakespeare there as an 11 year-old in 1986, and used to see his old dad playing various roles in various amateur shows there in the late ’70s and early ’80s – so we’re looking forward to a good night.

On Tuesday 22 November we’ll be at the Hataitai Bowling Club at 7pm.  Clearly not the Labour stronghold we thought it was, given our posters seem to be being ripped down (admit it, Chris F!), but it’s the home suburb of David and Phil so we’re glad to be able to walk to work!  And what a day – director Peter Hall turns 81, Terry Gilliam turns 71 and Michael K Williams (Omar from The Wire!) turns 45!

On Wednesday 23 November we’re REALLY looking forward to the unique, intimate and atmospheric environment of The Long Hall in Roseneath – 13b Maida Vale Road – and hoping it doesn’t rain or the roof takes off in the wind!  7pm!

We don’t currently have a show on 24 November, but then Beatles birthdays are kinda like religious holidays for some of us. (What do you mean, Pete Best doesn’t count?!  Shame on you!)

On Friday 25 November we’ll be at the Khandallah Town Hall at 7pm! Always fun to venture into the north – do they still have that giant wall to keep out the wildlings?

On Saturday 26 November we’ll be doing a special Election Night show at the Vogelmorn Hall in Brooklyn.  I know, I know, you’d rather be at home watching the Election – but please please please come on down; the election is the whole reason we decided to do this show so we’d love you to be there!!

On Monday 28 November we’ll be at The Pit at BATS.  We know how the assassination will work, but god knows where all the corpses will go in Act V!  But we’ll make it work, somehow!

I know, I know, you were promised a ’blog entry on the women of The Bacchanals and how great they are.  Soon!  Soooooon!!  But in the interim, here’s a picture of Jean, to get things started:

Next time: More Stuff!  More Photos!  More Excitement!  Chapman Kip nominations! Chapman Tripp nominations! And much much more!