That’s right, now that Julius Caesar is over, we can focus on the REAL reason people perform plays and make art!

Apologies for abject failure to update this ’blog through every day of the Julius Caesar season, but honestly, the web statistics tell me that our readership isn’t exactly skyrocketing and since no one posts comments on any of the ’blog postings, many at Bacchanals HQ (we operate from a hut deep in the jungle!) fear that regular ’blog updates are not a useful expenditure of our time and resources, not when we can be planning our counterstrike against the Tamil Tigers.  There are photos aplenty of Julius Caesar in all its guises to be painstakingly uploaded to our ’blog, website, twitter and MyFace pages, but for the interim, let’s bask in the glory of winning awards!

Last night a strong Bacchanals contingent (eight! eight of us, I tell you!) represented the company at the annual Chapman Kip theatre awards at BATS, at which we won a strong contingent of awards (six! six awards, I tell you!).  Here are the exciting results of The Bacchanals’ labours in 2011:

  1. The cast of Slouching Toward Bethlehem won the Theatreview Award for Best Ensemble Acting of the Year!
  2. Jean Sergent won the Award for the Best Actress to play a feisty socialist grandmother in the 1930s and a well-dressed gay man in the 1980s in a play about Robert Muldoon…ahem…of the Year!
  3. The award for Best Dancing In A Play went to Robert Muldoon and Mickey Mouse in Slouching Toward Bethlehem (apparently this was a mistake and it should have gone to some dance show, but as Salesi said, it was a dance show, not a play, so it can’t win Best Dancing In A Play when it’s not a play but a dance show!  We’re keeping that award, meatbags!).
  4. Hannah Nielsen-Jones won the award for Best Stage Manager of the Year for No Taste Forever!
  5. Phil Grieve won the Award for Best Actor/Actress playing a Political Figure in an Election Year for his portrayal of Muldoon in Slouching Toward Bethlehem!
  6. And finally, Alex Greig won the much-coveted Lifetime Achievement Award.  About time!

We won’t fare nearly so well at tomorrow night’s Chapman Tripp awards, but we’ll update you as soon as those corpses stop twitching.  Keep watching the skis!

Next time: we reveal the true origins of Fiona’s whooping cough!