That’s right, folks – hot on the heels of our Chapman Kip victory, we also won some Chapman Tripps!

Huge congratulations from all of us here at the bunker to the brilliant Dean Parker for winning the Outstanding New NZ Play award for Slouching Toward Bethlehem on Sunday night, and to the magnificent Phil Grieve for his Outstanding Performance Accolade for his portrayal of Muldoon.  As for the other nominees, David and Alex … well, as Homer Simpson would say, “Who wants to eat a loser?”  Here’s a blurry picture of Phil not as Muldoon but backstage as Caesar before the final performance of Julius Caesar in the Pit:

Yeah, all our plans to update the ‘blog daily during Julius Caesar went out the window after week one.  What can we tell you?  It all seems so far in the past now! 

It was good fun performing at the Tararua Tramping Clubrooms where we rehearsed Yours Truly and I.D. in 2005, Hamlet in 2006 and King Lear in 2007.  Sorry about the terrible giggles we all got when Salesi crashed that handshake in the final act.  Here’s a photo of us just before the show started.  Look at all those chucks!

Ahh, how we love the Island Bay Community Centre.  David bought a banjo that day and tried to play it at the interval.  And we had a nice drink at a pub afterwards.  Does this photo imply a blossoming romance?

We enjoyed returning to the Newtown Community Centre where David once directed The Tempest (when he was 19), played Starveling in A Midsummer Night’s Dream (when he was 11) and saw his old dad (who would have been 80 this month!!!!) in numerous amateur shows, most notably as an ugly sister in Cindarella, when he was very very young.  Here’s an atmospheric backstage photo from Newtown.  Can you identify the actors?? 

New venue the Hataitai Bowling Club was a strong contender for favourite venue of the tour.  Really cosy and intimate, and a lovely sunny evening.  Look at how incongrous our stuff looked in there!

The following night we enjoyed a gale that threatened to take the roof off of The Long Hall in Roseneath – being so exposed to the elements in such a brilliant space made for a pretty weird show with a shouty first half, but it’s an amazing space and we’ll be back!  Elle is enjoying the wind here as we wait for keys to the venue, but I don’t think Jean’s having such a great time.










The Khandallah Town Hall!  With its upper level!  Hooray!

The Vogelmorn Hall in Brooklyn on election night … the show was fun even if the election was not so great.  You tried your best Phil & Annette, but seriously: the cast of Julius Caesar stood a better chance of leading Labour to victory than anyone in the top 20 of Labour’s list (except Jacinda.  She should be leader!  Go on!).  I could show you numerous photos of Bacchanals swearing at the telly on election night, but instead here’s Gareth and Salesi about to head home. 

Later that night Gareth fell down a bank, and Jean fell down the same bank trying to rescue him.

Ahh, the Monday night return to our spiritual home – The Pit! (you thought we were gonna say BATS, didn’t you!)  Cramming that many people into that tiny a space was pretty mad – so mad that David couldn’t take an in-focus photo (William may have some though!).  Mental mental times!

Seriously, a huge thank you to everyone who’s supported The Bacchanals in 2011 – we couldn’t have had a better year.  And it’s been a long long time since the company has felt stable and secure enough for us to promise with certainty: we’ll be back in 2012, bigger and better than ever before! (well okay, maybe not King Lear levels of bigger and better!  But still!)  Plans are afoot, plots are being laid, licences are being signed and scripts are being secretly read in rooms with drawn curtains, while hushed conversations of confidential casting plans and surprising new theatrical spaces fly through the ether, conveyed in text message and e-mail like pigeons delivering missives and then being eaten so no one can intercept the information tied to their spindly legs.  We can confirm with alacrity (well, we haven’t paid for the licence yet nor signed contract with theatre, but it’s been announced to Julius Caesar audiences so it has to be true!): Dean Parker’s adaptation of the controversial new book Other People’s Wars by Nicky Hager will open at BATS Theatre on April 17, 2012, 8pm!  There will be AT LEAST two other things next year!  And that’s not including the premieres of Paul Rothwell’s You Be The Angel I Be The Ghost or Jonny Potts’ The No Nonsense Parenting Show! (which aren’t technically Bacchanals shows, except that there are Bacchanals in them!)  A reverse-gender version of The Importance of Being Earnest you say?!  A new text of Aristophanes’ The Clouds?!  Karel Capek’s Rossum’s Universal Robots, played as an expressionist melodrama?!  Charlotte Simmonds’ Making Out With Jon Toogood to be played as an anti-Young & Hungry play at the same time as Young & Hungry to expose what a crock of teen-angst self-indulgent crap most Young & Hungry plays are?!?  Tartuffe but with everyone played as characters from The Simpsons?!!? (Orgon as Homer makes sense, as does Cleante as Ned Flanders, but does that mean Tartuffe is Mr Burns, Sideshow Bob or Moe?)  Another touring Shakespeare which may or may not be All’s Well That Ends Well, The Merchant of Venice, Timon of Athens, King John, Much Ado About Nothing, Pericles, Cymbeline, Troilus and Cressida or Antony and Cleopatra?!?! (you could vote for your preference right here right now on this ‘blog!)  A Christmas musical?!?!?!?!  It’s all too overwhelming and unbelievable.  But some of it will happen, and you read it here first!  Unless you found this ‘blog posting after the official website has been updated, or after the shows themselves have actually happened, in which case – hope you were there, and that they were great!

Next time: Official Announcements of The Bacchanals’ Exciting Programme For 2012!!!