That’s right, a breakaway Bacchanals contingent performs a play this week at BATS!

I know I know, it’s been a long month since there was any sort of update from us here at Bacchanals HQ.  The truth is, we’re still massively under siege.  Caius Martius Coriolanus (stress on THIRD syllable, remember – ko-ree-OH-li-niss!) has camped his army outside and refuses to budge.  Whenever any of the remaining competitors attempt to enter the ring, he gives them such threatening looks that poor old Pericles and Cymbeline dare not venture forth!  And none of the competitors who’ve already been through want to risk their lives facing Coriolanus and his army.  Is there any end in sight to this siege?  And all the while new kings proclaim themselves every day and we’re getting ravens from the Wall saying help us keep out the wildlings and so on and so on … it’s all too much to take!

However, a small group of Bacchanals and Bacchanals-affiliates have managed to sneak out through a sewer and THIS VERY WEEK they’ll be performing a play at BATS, and you should come come come and see it, because it’ll be great!  Or maybe it’ll be weird!  Or maybe it’ll be awful?!  You never know!  Word through the grapevine is that folk are expecting it to be a “beautiful mess” and that sounds like something worth seeing!

You Be The Angel I Be The Ghost is a new play by Paul Rothwell, writer of Hate Crimes, Golden Boys, Deliver Us, Kissing Bone, Christmas Indoors, The Blackening, No Taste Forever!, Fun/Shy and much much more!  What’s it about, you ask?  “Post-modernism versus modernism!  Existentialism!  Jungian psychology!  The artist’s process!  The impact of identity on relationships!  Everything that’s topically important in 2012, except for current events.  And wars and global affairs.”  (Yes, that’s not actually what it’s about.  That’s what a character in the play says when a character in the play asks him what the play is about.  It’s called metatheatricality, meatbags!)  Look, it has a dancing ghost and an angel with an assault rifle – do you really need more than that?  It stars Alex Greig (Chapman Tripp Supporting Actor of the Year, 2005!), Morgan Rothwell (is he really just Paul Rothwell, or a different person who looks and sounds just like him?) and Elle Wootton (is it true she can drink six cans of Coke in a row and not wet herself?  See the show and find out!) and is directed by David Lawrence (does he never sleep? besides in a coffin, I mean?).  We’d love to tell you there are a whole bunch of other people doing lighting and sound and costume and set design stuff, but in reality NO! it’s just all of us!  Here’s a picture by our pal Benny Vandergast:

It runs THIS WEEK at BATS Theatre – from Wednesday 8 February to Sunday 12 February (Alex’s 31st birthday – you could come that night and bring him a cake!) at 8pm.  You can book by calling (04) 802-4175 or e-mailing  We’d love to see you there!  It might be a bit weird, but it could also be very special and worthwhile!

UPDATE ON MONDAY NIGHT!  Alex requested that we remove the bit about it being his birthday on Sunday – an actor in his position is prone to attract many stalkers and well-wishers, and of course we want to respect Alex’s privacy.  But we were shocked to discover at today’s rehearsal that it’s actually Morgan’s birthday as well – what are the chances in a cast of three of two of them being born on the same day?!  So rather than retract our potentially stalker-attracting invite, let us say again: come on down on Sunday night when it’s Alex AND Morgan’s birthdays!  You bring the cake, we supply the birthday boys!

And don’t forget that coming up at the end of the month is The No Nonsense Parenting Show written by and starring Jonny Potts – more about that in a bit.  You should go and see the 2012 Summer Shakespeare production of Twelfth Night too, because it’ll be good fun.  And Dean Parker’s adaptation of Nicky Hager’s book Other People’s Wars is on the way – April 17 equals opening night, so long as Coriolanus lets us out to rehearse (I think he’s trying to starve us out, but we have bags galore of gluten free pasta and dentist-approved toothpaste!).  Keep watching the skis!

Next time: The No Nonsense Parenting Show!  Other People’s Wars!  The Clouds!  And much much more!