That’s right, folks, The Bacchanals are back celebrating our 12th birthday with our 23rd show! 

Our production of Dean Parker’s adaptation of Nicky Hager’s book Other People’s Wars runs for a strictly-limited season (oh, the clichés!) from Tuesday 17 April to Saturday 28 April, 8pm, BATS Theatre, Wellington!  Don’t bother reading the rest of this – call (04) 802-4175 now, or hit this hyperlink right here:  Go on!

As the back of the book says, the so-called ‘War On Terror’ (yes, those are David’s sarcastic quotation marks!) has been the longest foreign war in NZ history, and yet most New Zealanders know absolutely nothing about our role in it.  Since 9/11 the NZ military have successfully duped both the government and the public as to the true nature of our involvement in America’s illegal invasion of Afghanistan, hiding behind bogus claims of ‘peacekeeping’ and ‘humanitarian aid’.  Yes, there was indeed some peacekeeping going on and humanitarian aid provided, but that was a footnote to our actual role supporting and aiding the US forces as they devastated a country they already knew Osama bin Laden wasn’t in, and where all the terrorists they were dedicated to wiping out were US-financed in the first place.

Our smiling Prime Minster, John Key, claims that Hager’s book is “a work of fiction” but coming from a man whose favourite author is John Grisham, I don’t know that his grasp of fact versus fiction is that great.  The fact is, John, throughout history the NZ military have answered whenever America has called, regardless of public opinion, morality or even the express commands of government (not your government though John – you couldn’t fuel your six houses without that foreign oil, could you?).

Does that sound heavy-going and full-on?  It won’t be, promise!  Yes, it’ll be angry leftie propaganda from a bunch of hippie greenie actors led by their politically naive director who thinks why can’t we all just get along, but it’ll hopefully be lots of fun too!  Other People’s Wars stars Bacchanals regulars Alex Greig, Jonny Potts, Brianne Kerr, Kirsty Bruce, with Blair Everson, Diana Aurisch, Hilary Penwarden, Paul Waggott and Joe Dekkers-Reihana as Willie Apiata, and heralds the long-awaited return of Julia Harrison to The Bacchanals (last seen in front of the red banner playing one half of the title in 2004’s Romeo and Juliet, 8 years and 12 Bacchanals shows ago!) with technical/frock/stage managerial support from William O’Neil, Uther Dean, Charlotte Simmonds and the much-loved Salesi Le’ota, and the thing is directed by David Lawrence (why won’t he just die? soon. soooo-ooon!).  Expect to see Boxie, Red Banner, the Hedda Gabler Table, Those Same Old Chairs and all your old friends.  If 2011 was the year of suits and ties, this year it’s all gonna be about camouflage pants and switchable military hats! (yes indeed, Coriolanus is still holding firm as leading contender for this year’s Shakespeare, now that we’ve confirmed the Ralph Fiennes film hasn’t used up all our good ideas!)  Other People’s Wars opens on Tuesday.  Don’t miss it – you need to know the truth about this stuff, people!

Next time: more stuff about Other People’s Wars, no doubt!