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Well, apparently I’m pretty good to kill.

Upon reflection, I seem to always end up in a role that can facilitate me dying. Not that it’s a bad thing.

In episode VI, I play Talbot, army general who wages war against the french, is stabbed in the back during a skirmish, yet lives through this, only to see his son die in the same war and then dies himself from most likely another stab wound.

Last month I played Mercutio in ThreeSpoonTheatre’s “Vienna Verona” I got to turn up, be a dork and crack jokes about fellatio and then fight in a knife fight and die from a stab to the liver.

Summer Shakespeare, I was the constable of France, I lead the French against the English, got to drive a car with sweet duncan decals and then fight King Henry himself and die from a stab wound to the torso/kidneys/or something.

I even remember my first year at Toi Whakaari, we did a bunch of excerpts from various shakespeare plays and I got to play Tybalt. Again, I died from a stab wound.

Of course, you could argue that shakespeare plays always had swords in them due to him writing plays set in times predominately full of swords so therefore stabbing is usually going to be someones demise and if that IS gonna be your argument, then shut up and let me finish my rant. Or I’ll stab you.

So. I’m ok to stab. But only in Shakespeare.

In any contemporary work I’ve done I’ve been either shot, strangled, had my neck broken, drowned, been beaten with a handbag, thrown into walls, smashed by a gang of soccer thugs, eaten by giant alien tigers and evil plantlife and somehow usually a woman or two gets to kick the crap out of me. But never stabbed. Sure sometimes I’ve been the stabber, but never the stabbee.

I realise that due to my training in stage combat I have placed my self closer to getting roles that necessitate some kind of action, and that’s fine by me. It keeps bringing me closer to my ultimate goal of becoming a superhero. One stage death at a time.


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