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Okay, so I’m well aware that our many, many fans and followers of The Bacchanals & this blog are sitting in front of their computers waiting for the next post, hoping there will be a little bit of goss included; an insight into the love triangles and the weird habits and obsessions of the cast & crew. So, for all you curious lovelies out there, here’s the goss:

  • Lori is a foodist. She only eats food of a certain colour each day: Mauve Mondays, Tan Tuesdays, White Wednesdays, Turquoise Thursdays, Fuchsia Fridays, Sanguine Saturdays and Sepia Sundays.
  • David grows bonzai trees and sells them on trademe to supplement his income. He also designs womens’ clothing.
  • James actually broke his ankle in an unfortunate misunderstanding with some nuns.
  • Brooke and Anais are civil-unioned.
  • Tom IS actually Allan’s son.
  • Fiona’s secret boyfriend is a smurf, or David, or Uther, or Blair or a ginga.
  • David is secretly involved with Fiona, or Brooke, or Mel, or Blair, or a ginga.
  • Ellie is actually a man.
  • Alex is actually a woman.
  • Kirsty has a shrine to Alex in her linen cupboard.
  • Simon has a shrine to Kirsty in his linen cupboard.
  • Dan and Jess are actually brother and sister.
  • Louise and Laura ARE the same person.

There you are, loyal followers. I hope you feel sufficiently informed.


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