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One would think that somehow playing a lecherous priest two times in nearly a row(Bishop of Ely H.V. and Bishop of Winchester H.VI) would have radically altered my DNA or if we bar the molecular impossible atleast made me a bit more care free.

Tragically it hasn’t happened yet. I will keep posting till I work out just what it is I need to do in order to become a real ars**le but we may just have to wait and see.

I’m also writing this at 1am whilst i an insomniac state at a friend’s house, on his flatmate’s laptop lying in the flatmate’s bed. Don’t worry as I said  haven’t changed, the flat mate’s in Auckland.


(5-6-7-)ish learn your lines and you can make a hell of alot of noise with your crutches. Lots of expressive ominous banging, IN BETWEEN LINES, should surely do my acting for me.

I’ll either make thee stoop and bend thy knee,

or sack this country with a mutiny.

Over and out

the Bish…….



1. Try to climb in home because you are locked out in the morning. Go your usual route but make sure that the handrails holding your weight break off as you climb. Try to land on your right foot.

2. Break ankle, generally occurs by large amount of sudden pressure. Ie. from falling from balcony trying to climb in.

3. Spend approximately 3 days in hospital.

4. Make sure director knows you have broken ankle. Thereby preventing any nasty shocks when you first turn up to rehearsal.

5. Decide that it would be cool to act in a wheel chair(providing resources are available of course)

6. Turn up to rehearsals and use the computer chairs with wheels on them until you manage to procure said wheelchair.

7. Yet to be seen…………………….

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