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Without knowing what has gone before, we’re always going to make the same mistakes over & over. Or (even more frequently), we think we’ve been really original, not realising that at least 10 other people have done almost exactly the same thing, often with more success.

Last Wednesday Josh and I saw Red Mole on the Road at the awesome Time Cinema in Lyall Bay. A documentary team from the (now disbanded) National Film Unit followed the iconic NZ theatre company on their tour of the country. Through this 50 minute film, we had an insight into our theatrical heritage.

We started thinking about what our cultural history would look like if the NFU had been around when the likes of Inside Out (now an awesome corporate production company) or Trouble or The Bacchanals were doing their thing.

Unlike the others, The Bacchanals are still an active theatre company, and we’re determined to make sure there is a record of them and the working practices. Hence this blog. We’ll be attending their rehearsals for the upcoming Henry VI Part 1 and documenting as much as possible.

You can also check out photos of rehearsals, performances and antics on Flickr.

You can also expect to read posts from the cast & crew & director on this blog – we’ll get some bios & photos up soon.

This is a learning process for us, and we aren’t experts. So if there’s anything you want to see/hear/read more about, or something you’re sick of seeing/hearing/reading let us know by commenting on this blog.


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